Yahoo’s Site Explorer Closed – Time for More Options

On November 21th Yahoo closed down, as expected, its Site Explorer product. It’s was an anticipated move after merging its core search engine with Bing. Yahoo’s Link information presented in Site Explorer was for years the leading tool that most of SEOs used for competitive link analysis.

Here a few alternatives to Yahoo tool:

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the leading tool when it comes to competitive link analysis, offering you information not found on any other tool. You can try it for free, and even get a complete data for your own websites, but getting your competitor information require a monthly subscription for an affordable fee.

Among the unique noteworthy features are the Backlink history, Neighbourhood Checker and the Clique hunter which allows you to get all links that are pointing to a given list of sites.

As the market leader, MajesticSEO identified the gap left by Yahoo and stepped up with additional features to lead this market. It recently announced a new way to integrate data from the Majestic SEO tool. The OpenApps new feature allows developers to build apps that execute commands on behalf of a Majestic SEO subscribers.

Open Site Explorer

One of the leading product from SEOMoz that enables you to get your competitors’ inbound links with its related anchor text.

SEOMoz developed its own rank score, called Mozrank, which gives you a quick insight of the strength of the page where the link was found. You can get an initial sample of links for free, but a more complete list requires a monthly subscription. The subscription is part of SEOMoz set of SEO solutions including an SEO dashboard, a ranking software and required actions to improvce search engines ranking.


Blekko is currently the only search engine that provides backlink information for a website. There are two methods to get the links of a specific website. You can either use slashtags ‘/links’ and ‘/domainlinks’ with a URL or simply click on the “seo” link that is displayed in the search results. The latter option will lead you to a special page with many options including all inbound links to the selected page.


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