Windows 7

Windows 7, the latest operating system release of Microsoft, launched with several versions targeting different platforms including PC desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PC and Media Center PCs.

In Windows 7, Micorsoft released new features like:

Snap – Size and arrange two windows by dragging their borders to the edges of your display screen. You can expand to full screen and back, or arrange the windows side by side.

Live Task Bar Previews – All open windows, programs, documents, and browsers can be easily previewed from the taskbar.

HomeGroup – You can share the music, photos and files on every PC running Windows 7 on your home network. Sharing a printer is easier than ever.

Pin – You can Pin any program to  the taskbar to keep it close at hand.

Windows Search – Find any file on your Windows PC with a brand new interface. You can type in the Start menu the name of the document, e-mail message or songs and the result will be displayed instantly.